Working Abroad

So how can you just move abroad? What do you do to make money? Do you have a job down there?

In all of our time dreaming of living abroad, our goal was to be able to somehow make enough money online to live and not rely on a job that required us to be in a specific physical location. This really was one of the main limiting factors for us to be able to pull the trigger and move abroad. We also didn’t want something that would require a full days work and not allows us to explore the amazing places we wanted to go. But how? Is that even possible? Are we being unrealistic?

About a year ago, I saw a post on Facebook that peaked my interest. An acquaintance of mine talked about how she had started teaching English to kids in China online through a company called VIPKid. You could set your own schedule, work as much or as little as you wanted and get paid anywhere from $15-20/hour. The company required a Bachelor’s Degree in anything with some teaching experience or an Associates in Early Childhood Education. Was it too good to be true? I decided that there would be no harm in checking it out, so I went online, applied, went through the interview and mock trial process (which was somewhat of a pain) and Voila!! I was hired.

I began teaching a few classes, my husband applied, was hired and the rest is history. Finding these jobs gave us the push we needed to move forward with our plans to sell our house and move abroad. We decided to work very early in the morning (after school and the evening for kids in China) so that we can have the rest of the day to spend with our kids and to explore the world. I’ve now taught over 2000 lessons while traveling the United States, Canada, Central America, and Europe!  We are very grateful that VIPKid has enabled us to make our dreams come true! Thanks VIPKid!!!

Interested in teaching English online with VIPKid? Click here to check it out!!!