My Love Hate Relationship…Nine Things I love About Panama

So I already told you about the things I don’t love about Panama, but there are also many things that make Panama great so with out further adieu…

Nine Things I Love About Panama

1- The beaches are beautiful and often empty-

Need I say more? In the United States almost every inch of beach is developed, but that is not the case here in Panama. There are still places that are untouched and AMAZING!!!

2- The weather is warm year round… and the dry season (December- April) is very nice-

Along with the warm weather comes humidity and rain as well, which aren’t exactly my favorite but neither is being freezing cold in snow.

3- There is a great sense of tradition and culture-

There isĀ  rich heritage and tradition here in Panama and it is shown in the many festivals and celebrations that take place. The traditional dresses are absolutely beautiful and the dancing and celebrations are amazing!

4- The Bus system is cheap-

A lot of people here don’t have cars so most of the locals get around by bus. You can pretty much get anywhere by bus, you just have to be willing to be hot, sweaty and cramped sometimes.

5- Police Officers are nice-

We weren’t sure if we would be targeted as “tourists” and have the police take advantage of us by writing unwarrented tickets etc, but they have been nothing but kind and reasonable with us.

6- Cheap public healthcare-

We are grateful we haven’t had any major emergencies since we’ve been here so we haven’t had to use that aspect, but for minor things the public clinics have been super cheap and sufficient.

7- Potable water!!!!!-

It’s a huge pain not to have potable water and it’s a little scarier when a stomach bug can land your kids in the hospital.

8- Town Squares-

Many of the older towns have town squares that are the center of the community and act as a gathering place for people, especially at night. It’s cool to see so many people from the community come out just to hang out at night!

9- Pineapple is cheap and always available-

Surprisingly there are less fruits and vegetables available that I thought there would be, but pineapple is my favorite and I can always find it so that makes me happy.


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